The Girl Rising Ambassador Program is a global network of hubs led by local girl champions who are exceptional in their passion for empowering girls, and drive to create change in their communities. Through the Local Ambassador program, Girl Rising provides grassroots advocates with the opportunity to lead community conversations addressing the barriers holding girls back, and in so doing, build community around dismantling those barriers.

As a local ambassador, you hereby agree to the following rules:

  • Spirit/purpose: Each local ambassador must represent the Girl Rising community with the positive, empowering and inclusive spirit of Girl Rising.

  • Term: Once accepted, applicants are granted Girl Rising Local Ambassador status for one (1) year after the date of approval, after which they will be asked to re-apply for status renewal.

  • Commitment: Each local ambassador commits to 2+ events per year, including organizing at least one International Day of the Girl (October) or International Women’s Day (March) event, and promoting all ongoing mini-campaigns in their community and via social media.

Terms and Conditions:

Girl Rising hopes that local ambassadors will become engaged in the process of building this role and both benefit from and contribute to the program in many important ways. There are, however, conditions that Girl Rising considers essential for the well being of the Local Ambassador program as a whole. We therefore ask that these conditions be carefully considered and agreed upon by anyone who wishes to join our local ambassador program. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Marketing and Promotion: It shall be your responsibility and at your sole expense, to market and promote your events; such marketing and promotion subject to Girl Rising’s prior approval.
  • Producing Events: Other than the resources on the Girl Rising website, it shall be your sole responsibility and your sole expense to produce each event. You shall be responsible for providing a suitable and appropriate location to hold the event, along with security to provide safety to the attendees, speaker and anyone else involved in the event. You shall be responsible for finding sponsors to cover costs associated with the event.
  • Relationship to Girl Rising: Participation in the Girl Rising Local Ambassador Program is completely voluntary; Girl Rising Local Ambassadors are not paid employees of Girl Rising and should not represent themselves as such.

Brand Use and Content Guidelines:

The Girl Rising brand and all Girl Rising images are owned by Ten Times Ten LLC, the company that created Girl Rising. Local Ambassadors are granted non-exclusive right to use only approved photos and images on promotional materials and websites directly related to their event, screening, or fundraising campaign. No other Girl Rising images may be used by local ambassadors without written permission.

Girl Rising Local Ambassadors are permitted to do the following:

  • Use Girl Rising approved images and logos on your website or promotional materials in connection with your event, screening or fundraising campaign and credit with the appropriate language*. Visit for approved images and logos as they do change!
  • Utilize the Girl Rising film and content to promote or fundraise for like-minded organizations
  • Utilize the Girl Rising film and content to fundraise for the Girl Rising Fund, and clearly state the percentage or amount that will be donated to the fund from any sale of tickets, goods, or services
  • Post about Girl Rising using images, logos, and video on social media*
  • Share your amazing work with us!
  • Use customizable content to add your name and organization to promotional materials (flyers, posters, invites, etc.)

  • Note: Girl Rising photos can be used online, in print, and for broadcast as long as they are credited as follows: “Photo provided by Girl Rising.”

Girl Rising Ambassadors are NOT permitted to do the following:

  • Use the word “partner” when describing your relationship with Girl Rising
  • Describe yourself as a Girl Rising Local Ambassador before you have been approved as such
  • Create your own film or other media content and use any part of our brand, logo, or name along with it
  • Alter or amend any videos in any way without permission
  • Add any Girl Rising Video content to your own channels (Youtube, vimeo, websites) as this violates our license agreements
  • Use the Girl Rising name to imply sponsorship or endorsement of any event, group or fundraiser without prior written consent
  • Place the Girl Rising name on any products or packaging without prior written consent
  • Rip/pirate Girl Rising- a portion of the proceeds of DVD sales go directly to girls’ education programs around the world

A full version of Girl Rising’s Brand and Intellectual Property Guidelines is available for download from our website and upon request.

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