We never tire of stories about young people raising their voices loudly for the rights of others.

One inspiring example is 11-year-old Maria Ali.

After she watched Girl Rising and other documentaries, Maria began to consider the challenges that people, especially girls and refugees, face when looking to access education.

“After watching the documentary, I thought, ‘I could make my own jam, and I could do it for a good cause,’” she told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

She also started to ask questions.

How, and why, do refugees come to the United States? And, what can a young girl from San Diego do to support?

One answer was clear: it’s never a bad idea to use your talent for good.

As a “bgirl,” or female breakdancer, Maria decided to hold a dancer-inspired fundraiser and performance to bring a voice to the education and refugee crisis.

She collected school supplies and donations at her event, ultimately raising over $600 and donating over 20 backpacks to organizations in her community.

Maria, we think you’re incredibly inspiring. Thank you!

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