Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time

What began as an inspirational film and grew into a global movement is now a book - featuring the inspiring stories of more than 30 girls from around the world.

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Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time by Tanya Lee Stone complements the Girl Rising film and curricular material, expands on the film’s themes and illuminates the featured stories, and those of other girls we met during the production process.

With gorgeous photographs, infographics and a compelling narrative, the book will inspire readers of all ages to join the growing movement to educate and empower girls and help change the world.

Even better, the book is poised to be a tremendous addition to our Educator Program thanks to the companion Educator’s Guide created by our partners at The George Washington University.

Need convincing? Check out what others are saying:

“The result is a vivid, heartrending portrait of resilience in the face of tremendous obstacles…“
Publisher’s Weekly

“This well-organized emotional plea would be a welcome addition in high schools with a community service or human rights focus.”
Eileen Makoff, Educator, Brooklyn, NY

"A moving account of hardships and triumphs that is bound to inspire future activists, this is a devastating but crucial read.”
Kirkus Reviews

“It is exciting to see the continued evolution of this wonderful project. I look forward to putting the book and the teacher’s guide to good use in my class.”
Christopher Murray, High School Teacher, Bethesda Maryland

“This book is a spurring tribute to the precious potential each girl brings to her community and our world.”
Marie Arana, author of the Girl Rising Peru chapter

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