The Girl Rising-Citi partnership builds on GR’s success using storytelling to inspire change and Citi’s commitment to enabling growth and progress in communities across the globe.

Through the expansion of the Girl Rising U.S. Educator Program, we will inspire thousands of girls and boys to see the world beyond their borders, while deepening their sense of personal power, local responsibility, and global citizenship.

With Citi’s partnership, we are bringing Girl Rising to additional schools around the country, expanding our web platform for educators, and adding exciting new materials to our existing curriculum.

Introducing: The Financial Empowerment Module

Managing money is critical to independence, yet most young people receive little or no financial education.

Our new module, created by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at the George Washington University, is designed to ensure that young people have the skills they need to become empowered individuals in a rapidly changing world.

Using the stories of Girl Rising, the new lessons teach concepts of financial literacy and encourage self-efficacy to students in upper elementary, middle and high school.

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We’re creating tools to help you engage the next generation of global citizens, including a new web-based platform that will facilitate knowledge sharing between teachers.

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