In 2014, we expanded work and began taking our stories to some of the places in the world where it is most difficult to be a girl. We created campaigns using video, photography, TV and radio to help people imagine a different future for girls. We also created tools for partners already working with local girls, boys, parents, teachers and community leaders.

Our goals were to get people talking about the positive benefits of educating girls, to change attitudes and behaviors, and to spark community-led initiatives, thereby fueling a stronger social movement for the rights of girls and advance a future where every girl has the opportunity to go to school, stay in school and succeed in school.


So many of India’s 2 million NGOs provide incredible resources for girls. But few focus on the mindsets that have long prevented India’s girls from pursuing their dreams. This is where Girl Rising comes in.

Our programming in India is diverse and includes both mass media elements and on the ground programmatic work with partners.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo:

GR media is a powerful convening tool in media dark areas, where television and electricity are rare luxuries and where we support community engagement initiatives for women, girls, men and boys.

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In Nigeria, home to the largest number of out-of-school children in the world, our targeted outreach tackles numerous issues - breaking generational cycles of poverty and contributing to lasting peace and stability.

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United States:

Girls in the United States may have better access to education, but they still face a number of social and economic barriers because of gender. Our programs tackle these barriers in the classroom: a place where many learn their first lessons about gender bias.



Education is the most effective way to grow economies, improve health and contribute to a country’s safety and stability. We motivate passionate advocates to stand up, speak out and lead change in their own communities.

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