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Girl Rising provides teachers with a unique opportunity to introduce students to the issues surrounding girls' education in the developing world, and it’s transformational power.

To help teachers learn about the girls’ education movement and effectively share the information with their students, the Pearson Foundation has created this standards-aligned curriculum.

Using the curriculum, teachers can engage their students in meaningful, theme-based social studies, political science, math, economics, and language arts lessons by encouraging them to think about important political, cultural, historical, and geographic issues tied to educating girls — and about their role as global citizens and their responsibilities to their own communities.

The curriculum addresses inquiries of global scope such as, “How do economies grow when girls are educated?” as well as very basic questions like, “How do parents keep their daughters safe and cared for?” It give students an opportunity to grapple with the very difficult questions posed by the barriers that stand between girls and their schooling. By developing a better understanding of how family dynamics, poverty, political unrest, economic stability, and community expectations intersect to keep girls either in or out of school, students' views of the world will evolve.

Guided by themes covered in Girl Rising, the curriculum uses essential questions designed to stimulate critical thinking in students. The curriculum is linked to the U.S. Common Core State Standards, includes an assessment tool to measure student learning, and offers resources to further learning, spark discussion and support students motivated to take action.

As you plan your work with the curriculum, please view the film chapters, consider which issues you’d like your students to explore, decide how much time you have to teach this curriculum, and determine if there are additional resources that may be available to enhance the experience for your students.

Currently, along with the curriculum, three of the film’s chapters are available for free – Suma from Nepal, Ruksana from India and Senna from Peru.

The curriculum can be used with those free chapters, any of the chapters in the full film, or the full film itself. To purchase the Educator’s Edition DVD, which includes the full film, click here.

We’d love to hear from you as you work through this curriculum! Stories, student work, photos, videos and more can be sent to educate@girlrising.com. Thank you for your dedication to these important issues and to your students.

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