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Broaden horizons. Empower your students.

The message of Girl Rising has played to packed movie theaters, corporate boardrooms and political arenas worldwide. Now you can bring it to your campus or your classroom.

Using the Girl Rising Educator’s Edition and the Girl Rising curriculum, you can engage your students in meaningful discussion and lessons by encouraging them to think about important political, cultural, historical, economic, and geographic issues tied to educating girls — and about their responsibilities to their own communities and their role as global citizens.

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Girl Rising’s dynamic stories will lead your students to discover a stimulating world beyond their borders. Social studies, geography, economics … how can Girl Rising fit into your lesson plan? Sign up for a free sneak peek of educator specific videos and tools.

For a limited time, you can preview the first 30 minutes of the film or just the Suma’s story, one of the Meet the Writer videos, and sample pages from the Teacher’s Guide.

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Educator's Edition

Share the stories of nine unforgettable girls and their personal journeys with your students. The Educator’s Edition is now available for purchase! Along with the feature film, the package includes more than a dozen video “extras” and a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide.

  • K-12 Classroom ($95) - The Girl Rising DVD for unlimited classroom and private screenings.

  • University, Institutional, and Public Screening ($350) - The Girl Rising DVD + a public screening license for unlimited showings.

  • Educational Institutions Streaming ($590) - A public screening license for digital streaming of Girl Rising at a single educational institution.


For information regarding subsidies please contact info@girlrising.com
If you are located outside of the US or Canada click here to proceed.

Bring the film to low-income schools with First Book

For approximately $10, educators and program leaders serving kids in need are eligible to purchase the Girl Rising DVD and free teacher’s guide when they sign up with First Book. Supplies are limited, so don’t wait—sign up today!

Girl Rising Curriculum

The free standards-aligned curriculum, created in collaboration with the Pearson Foundation, provides teachers with a unique opportunity to educate students about the issues surrounding girls' education in the developing world.

The curriculum, based on two chapters of the film – Suma from Nepal and Senna from Peru – includes project-based lessons, an assessment tool to measure student learning, and resources to spark discussion and prompt students to take action. It stands alone, or provides a potent complement to the Educator’s Edition DVD.

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