A Call to Action

We know that educating girls is the smartest investment of our time. When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow. Yet 62 million girls are missing from classrooms worldwide, and tremendous opportunities are lost.

Join the Girl Rising community and become a champion for girls’ education. Use your voice and talent to help us create meaningful change: spread the message, raise funds, and rally your community to advocate for policies supporting girls' education. Now is the time.
Educate Girls, Change the World

Local Action

Host A Screening

We believe in the power of a good story to change how people think and act, and we know you do too. But in order to inspire change, we need to share that story widely. Gather your friends, family, class or colleagues to see our film and learn how everyone benefits when girls are educated and empowered.

Make it an event - host a reception after the film, plan a discussion, or sell tickets and donate to Girl Rising or girls' education causes.

Get started

Be a Local Changemaker

Anyone can take action for girls!

Host a local discussion, volunteer with girl-centered causes in your community or help a girl with her homework. Look around you for ways to help make your community - and our world - better for girls.

Tell Us: What are you doing to help girls rise?

Be a Regional Ambassador

Our Ambassador Program brings together passionate individuals from around the globe who want to play a role in their communities for the global movement for girls' education.

These select group of grassroots local leaders using GR tools to rally people and organizations, raise awareness and funds, host events, and find innovative and creative ways to create lasting change for girls.

Does this sound like you?

Learn more and apply here.

For Schools

Social studies, geography, economics … how can Girl Rising fit in your school? Girl Rising’s dynamic stories will lead students to discover a stimulating world beyond their borders. It’s all there - the Educator’s Edition DVD, the Girl Rising curriculum and Teacher’s Guide.

Combine that with a teacher’s imagination and magic happens.

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For Companies

Showcase your commitment to women and girls.

Engage employees, investors and clients in an area of enormous social and economic consequence – and involve your company in a movement with local, national and global impact.

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You can be a champion for girls in India, the DRC, Nigeria, the United States and beyond. By choosing to support Girl Rising, you’re taking an active role in supporting our girl-centered programs - driving measurable change that will impact the lives of millions of girls and empower the voices of girls’ education advocates around the world.

Katahdin Foundation, Inc. is the fiscal sponsor for Girl Rising. Katahdin is a nonprofit, 501©(3) film production company. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Give today

Plan a fundraiser

A fundraiser is a great way both to contribute and raise awareness. Be creative. Hold a bake sale, sell lemonade, organize a walk-a-thon, design t-shirts and auction them off.

Check out our fundraising guide for ideas!