Change starts with Courage.

This March, change starts with you.

Girl Rising started out with a simple truth: educating girls will change the world. The film became a campaign, and that message became a movement. We’re asking supporters everywhere to take action throughout the month of March in support of girls, the women of tomorrow.

Help us prove the power of Girl Rising.

Organize something that makes sense for you. It can be large or small: a private screening, a public dialogue, a poetry slam. It doesn’t matter what it is, or where. What counts is that we all do something.

There is strength in numbers. The more people who stand up on behalf of girls this March, the more likely the world will take notice. Individual by individual, community by community, your actions lead to global change.

Now, it’s time to show our strength.


How to celebrate

Three Steps to a Powerful IWD Celebration


Inspire guests by screening the whole film or a single compelling chapter: Senna’s story. Add to either option the “Meet the Writer” video and/or the new and exhilarating “Where Is She Now?” video.


Tell your communities – local and social – about IWD and the action you’re taking for girls. Encourage them to act too. Help us prove the power and reach of Girl Rising. Use our free promo materials and amplify the message!


Get creative! Host an event to celebrate courageous women and girls. Any size, or any place. The full film in a theater, or a chapter at your school. A community conversation, or a coffeehouse concert. Use our free tools to help you plan!

Get started

Ways to Inspire


Gather friends, colleagues and community to screen the film at your home, office, library – wherever! – and share the powerful stories that have inspired a global movement.


Meet Senna, our fearless champion from Peru. We’re releasing exciting new content, including a “Where is She Now?” video and much more.


Share the stories of courage from Girl Rising – then share yours, and encourage your guests to share theirs. Invite a speaker to your event to tell his or her own story about facing adversity. Inspire each other to stand up for change! Use our guides to help you plan.


IWD Impact Map

See how people all over the world are celebrating with Girl Rising this March! Register today and join the global movement to create impact for girls everywhere.