Girl Rising began with team of journalists looking to answer one incredibly important question: How do we end global poverty? The answer became clear - that girls’ education is one of the most critical investments of our time.

We made a film aimed to inspire others to make girls’ education a priority and this film has since sparked a global movement. Today, we share content that inspires while implementing programming that paves the way for long-term change that ensures no girl is prevented from learning.

How We Do This

Localized Storytelling and Mass Media

Our powerful and inspiring stories take the form of feature films, short videos, storybooks and more. They showcase role models and success stories, demonstrating actions that real people have taken to break down the barriers girls face.

Our content - and the methods used to share it - are adapted for each country where we work. They sound a national or regional call-to-action to ensure all girls are valued.


We partner with celebrities, businesses, grassroots activists and policy experts help us unlock resources, deliver effective programming and drive change at scale.

We work with NGO and educational partners to deliver measurable outcomes for girls, such as increased school enrollment and completion rates, decreased gender-based violence, lower pregnancy rates, changes in national policy and increased confidence.

Social Action

Our social action platform - from film screenings and social media to teacher training and youth clubs - centers on the power of community-led solutions to the girls’ education crisis.

It connects students, parents, teachers and local leaders with with tangible ways to get involved or the motivation to develop their own actions.

See it in Action

Localized Storytelling: Hausa video series Da Bazar Mu… pairs six local stories of girls in northern Nigeria with chapters from our original film. The series highlights the universality of the challenges that girls face and their resilience and power to overcome them.

Partnerships: Our partner IMA World Health integrated our films and facilitation guides into community health programming in the DRC. Programming reached hundreds of thousands of people in culturally relevant and contextual specific ways, sparking dialogue about education, gender and making healthy choices.

Social Action: Celia - a fifth grader from Indianapolis - discovered that other girls her age from all over the world were deprived of her same opportunities. She wanted to do something about it. She organized a screening of Girl Rising in her community and even hosted a bake sale where all proceeds went to providing funds for out-of-school children.